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Unreached People Group

A people group where there is no indigenous community of believers with adequate resources and numbers required to evangelize their own people group (less than 2% evangelical Christian). Typically UPGs have no Bible in their heart language, no church, and little to no Christian presence. In short, there is very limited or no access to the Gospel

Unengaged People Groups

A people group where there is no known church planting or Gospel initiatives taking place

People Group

A culturally, ethnically, and linguistically unique group of people

Frontier People Groups

A subset of unreached people groups, having no indigenous movement to Christ and less than 0.1% Christian (Joshua Project)


Greater than 2% evangelical Christian, but still great numbers of unsaved (Joshua Project)


Greatest Risk

Most Secure

Tier 1

The most restrictive and difficult countries where indigenous believers are operating. These are the most severe environments for sharing the Gospel and secrecy is required. If discovered, believers face extreme persecution including death.

Persecution Ranking: <10

Tier 2

Restricted countries where indigenous believers must go to great lengths to carefully share the Gospel because the consequences of being a believer are significant.

Persecution Ranking: 11 - 21

Tier 3

Countries where indigenous believers face consequences and persecution for being a believer and sharing the Gospel. Security is still critical and protection of believers is still vitally important.

Persecution Ranking: 22 - 50

Tier 4

Countries where there is still a great need for the Gospel and their political and social conditions require sensitivity.

Persecution Ranking: +50


LEAST Secure


The geographic region of the world between 10 and 40 degrees north latitude, covering areas across Africa, the Middle East, and Southern Asia where the greatest numbers (~69.7%) of unreached people groups reside

Frontline Strategic Partners (FSP)

BLACKBOX’s indigenous, or local, Christian workers who are establishing churches and making disciples among unreached and unengaged people groups in their own country

The Great Imbalance

The reality that only 1.7% of missional resources and approximately 3% of Christian workers go to serve among unreached people groups


Places in the world where there are high concentrations of unreached people groups with incredible physical and spiritual need and where little to no mission dollars or missionaries are sent. BLACKBOX intentionally focuses on fueling local Christians on the frontlines of our world where the need for the Gospel is greatest