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BLACKBOX exists to fuel indigenous-led work among the world’s hardest to reach places and people groups. Your support means you are joining a coalition for the unreached that partners, promotes, and protects the frontline presence of indigenous Christ-followers embedded to make disciples and establish the church where it’s never been!

Please email us at [email protected] for our mailing address.


If you are interested in setting up a one-time or recurring ACH, please email [email protected] for further instructions. An advantage of ACH transactions is the avoidance of processing fees.


Checks should be made out to “BLACKBOX” and sent to the address above. If you prefer your donation to support the work of a particular project, please attach a note indicating your preference. Do not write in the memo line of your check. Be sure to include your full name, email address and return mailing address in order to receive a tax-deductible receipt for your donation.

Bill Pay

If you desire to use Bill Pay, where your bank automatically sends checks to BLACKBOX, provide the mailing address above to your bank.

Our Giving Policy

Your financial contribution to the general ministry of BLACKBOX allows our organization to fully support the various endeavors to which God has called our ministry. Funds for BLACKBOX will be directed to the areas of greatest need with the purpose of supporting our daily operations, strengthening our infrastructure, allowing for the flexibility to respond to new or changing conditions, planning for the long term, and investing in staff and technology.

BLACKBOX attempts, whenever consistent with its charitable purpose and budget, to honor preferences expressed by our partners regarding the use of their donation.

BLACKBOX retains full control over funds donated to BLACKBOX and discretion as to their use in order to ensure that the funds will be used to carry out BLACKBOX’s functions and/or to accomplish its purposes. Therefore, although we will make every attempt to accommodate donor requests, any designation concerning how a donation should be spent will be considered advisory only.

BLACKBOX adheres to ECFA Standard 7.2, which states: “Occasionally, givers request a refund of a charitable gift they made previously. Since contributions must be irrevocable to qualify for a charitable deduction, there generally is no basis to return a charitable gift to a donor.” However, on rare occasions a donor may be refunded if a gift was made in error, and it was clearly not the intent of the donor to initiate the charitable donation in the first place. This will be reviewed by our Finance Department on a case-by-case basis.

BLACKBOX is a non-profit organization functioning as a mission society as defined at 26 CFR Section 1.6033-2[g][1][v].